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Nature of work done.


Management and consultant training and development, in ongoing programs, for the last 6 years. Organisational structuring projects. Strategy development work through scenario development. Consulting on turning strategic businesses (eg Unifer) around. General business problem solving projects, such as cost to income, bad debt, distribution effectiveness, numerous and others. 1995 to 2003.

Ongoing management development work (1996-2006)

ABSA Insurance Brokers

Strategy development, organisation structure development, management development program. 1997-1998

Anglovaal Ltd

Strategy development, organisational structure development for the Group. Avmin was created out of this process. 1988-1989


Various projects, including systems development. Ad hoc, 1985 - 1992.


General organisational problem solving around distribution channel performance. 1988.


Management development program. 1990.

Business Futures Group

Consulting on establishment of this consulting firm. Skills development program around consulting, and strategic planning assistance. 1990-1993.

Ceres Fruit Growers

General organisation effectiveness improvement, with particular reference to people related performance issues. 1988-1992.

Child Welfare Society

Management and governance structuring issues, as well as funding planning. 1994.

Consultative Business Movement

General planning issues, relating to political process influence and policy development issues. 1991-1992.


Scenario development consulting relating to capacity planing and management development work. 1990-1994.

Fairbridge, Aderne & Lawton

A legal firm where we have done extensive strategy development work as well as organisational structuring development. An ongoing relationship of more than 5 years. 1997-2002.


General assistance with long range planning information, mission and vision development, stakeholder management program development around environmental issues, and management development. 1988-1992


Refinery safety management and accident scenario development, management training. 1990-1992.

Group Five

Primary consultant on merger of two business, Roads Africa and Roads North, business turnaround management, and strategy development. Project management of change management process in merger. Consulting on group strategy, senior management appointment. Personal support to senior executives. 2002-2003


Assistance with development of divestment strategies. 1988.


Complex IT infrastructure system development planning. 1990.

Institute for Martitime Technology

Management development and complex logistical infrastrucutre planning. 2000.


Development of strategy and strategic planning process for new organisation. Management development work. Outcome was the creation of Business Futures Group as separate firm consulting on strategy development and implementation. 1988-1992.

Jacques Malan & Associates

Strategic planning facilitation in a financial services firm. 2002.

KwaZulu/Natal Indaba

Consulting on alignment building, process development for policy formulation. 1988-1992.

Medical Association of South Africa

Consulting on transformation planning and policy development for the medical profession. 1990.

Middelburg Steel & Alloys

Consulting on community transformation processes. Middelburg Forum was created out of the approach we suggested and guided. 1989-1991.


Consulting on long range planning and management development work. 1988-1989.

Momentum Employee Benefits

Ongoing work on strategy development and organisational structuring. Personal coaching support to senior executives. Consulting on fraud detection and alleviation. 1996-2002.

Nasionale Boekhandel

Primary consultant on the business turnaround of Van Schaiks Bookstore, involving strategy development and change management. 1994-1995.

Nasionale Pers

Strategy development and organisational structure planning around Nasionale Boekhandel. 1994-1995.


Various programs aimed at management development and several organisational problem-solving projects. Development of small business risk assessment tool. Some of this work resulted in phenomenal increases in business performance. 1994-2002.


Helped Nedbank Strategic Transformation initiative identify the range of initiatives required for successful transformation of Nedbank. Designed and facilitated a Nedbank strategic conversation process for top executive managment, resulting in major strategic initiatives aimed at regaining Nedbank’s  strategic competitive positioning. Strategic coaching role for Managing Director. 2005-2006

Ninham Shand

Strategy development facilitation in professional firm. 1993.

Old Mutual

Scenario development assistance on Old Mutual-Nedcor scenarios, several management development programs, including actuarial student programs. Several ad hoc consulting projects mainly on organisational structuring. 1988-2002.


Investigation into distribution channel performance. Management development work, including Exco level development programs, strategy and organisational structuring facilitation. Scenario development facilitation as part of strategic planning. Several smaller ad hoc processes and consulting. 1995-2000.

Sanlam (Namibia)

Organisational re-structure planning and change management facilitation. Alrge scale implementation felicitation and management development. 1999-2000.


Contracted for the Santam 2010 project, aimed at establishing a vision for Santam for 2010 as well as identifying and initiating the change projects required to create the vision. The project consisted of a task group approach, facilitating a company wide strategic conversation, going over into a company wide work place implementation process. Major strategic initiatives identified and in process of implementation (2004-2005)

Shell (SA)

Management development programs, ad hoc consultations on a variety of topics. 1988-1995.

South African Airways

Contracted for line management role in Helderberg search and accident investigation 1987-1989.

Southern Life Association

Ongoing involvement over several years involving several organisation problem solving projects, such as EB Risk losses, and others. Extensive management development programs, including SLA Leadership Forum and actuarial student programs. Extensive and prolonged work with SLA executive on strategy development and planning, as well as organisational structuring consultation. 1990 -1996.


Wide ranging management development programs. Assistance in Spoornet strategic planning process. 1989, 1993-1994.

Stewart Scott International

Ongoing consultation on business turnaround and facilitation of strategy development and implementation. Organisational structuring consultation. Personal support to senior management and board members, appointment of senior personnel, including MD, 2001-2002.

Teljoy Cellular Services

Business turnaround situation required development of strategies, organisational structures, and extensive and detailed change management. Was one of two primary consultants on the turnaround of Teljoy Cellular, which resulted in a turnaround of more than R100M in less than one year. A SA business case study. Senior executive personal support, senior management appointment consulting. 1996-2000.

Teljoy Holdings

Consulting support for Teljoy Television turnaround and change management. Development of business strategy. 1998-2001.


Primary consultant on strategy development 1991-1993 in the commercialisation process of Telkom. Facilitation of planning process that resulted in major shifts in the business focus. Extensive and effective use of scenario planning in strategy development. 1990-1994.

Tongaat-Hulett Group

Primary facilitator of the THG sponsored Durban Functional Region Planning Forum. The Forum achieved major breakthroughs in political transformation in Kwa-Zulu_Natal between 1988 and 1995. Facilitation of policy development across political boundaries, with extensive use of scenario planning. 1988-1995.


Management development program. 1995.

University of Cape Town

Facilitation of strategy development and development program for senior leadership. Ongoing personal support to Vice Chancellor. 2001-2002.

Volkswagen South Africa

Management development programs, assistance with long range planning. 1991-1994.

Vodacom Service Provider Company

Primary consultant on the development of merger plans for Teljoy, Vodac and GSM Direct for Vadacom, development of enterprise structure, development of business strategy, leading role in organisational change management and project management through the merger. Personal support role to senior executives. 1999-2000.


Various ad hoc consulting activities, some relating to retail issues. Management development sessions. 1993-2001.

World Growth Consulting

Design and joint delivery of management development programs, consultations on business development, skills development for personnel. 1995-1996.


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